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The essence of new music, Francophone and Canadian! Get the latest on independent artists through original musical performances, critics with flair and brand-new clips.

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Peter Katz : Lay it on me

Peter Katz presents a sample of “Lay It On Me”, from his album “We Are the Reckoning”, released on March 31, 2015.

“Every day you counted on that never added up/Every voice that’s telling you that you’ll never be enough/Every lie and everything you wish you’d never done…/Lay it on me…/‘Cause I would rather take your pain/Than to watch you hurting/I would rather take your pain/Than to watch you hurting…/When you lock the doors up and there’s no more getting in/When you’re in the water and forgotten how to swim/When your hands they get too heavy/I will take the weight you’re carrying…” The Toronto singer-songwriter presents incredibly gentle, intense and sensitive folk, and we love his powerful voice and his lyrics that are sentimental and captivating.

Peter Katz is definitely making a place for himself in Canadian music. Discover or replay “Lay it on me” on BRBR!

Réalisateur: Aurélien Offner
Production year: 2015

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