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TFO 24.7, the new francophone point of view. A magazine that entertains, informs, and comments on French-Canadian social and cultural finds. TFO 24.7 presents artisans, artists, youths, entrepreneurs, leaders, and many others who breathe life into French-Canadian culture from coast to coast. Stories, features, interviews, humour, and opinion videos: a show that offers an authentic look on our French-Canadian identity.


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Food Delivery, All the Rage in Toronto

Food delivery is a blooming market in Toronto, and companies like UberEats, foodora and JUST EAT are more than eager to tap into it. Toronto is a dense city with an abundance of restaurants and busy people who want to eat well, making it the perfect environment for this kind of service, which many already use on a regular basis. Is this the future of food services? And who does it benefit the most? Restaurants or consumers? This Andréanne Baribeau report gives us the inside scoop on different kinds of delivery services.

Réalisateur: Andréanne Baribeau
Production year: 2015

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