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Tip the mouse

Tip the Mouse, a tiny, whimsical yet funny mouse lives with his family in a small house made of things we have lost, in the tiny corner of a meadow. Here take place all the fascinating adventures that each child ends up facing while walking the extraordinary path to growing up.


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Jody's favourite toy

Jody lends Tip his favourite robot toy. Tip goes enthusiastic to his aunt’s house, bringing Jody’s toy with him. But after playing only a little time with it, he leaves the precious robot in the garden. Later, the starting raining causes the robot to be immobile. His aunts remind him of how he would feel if his favourite toy would be ruined. Tip feels awful, but luckily his dad knows how to fix it. Tip is so happy to see Jody smiling after the robot is returned to him. And Tip is sure, from now on he will take very good care of other people’s belongings.

Production year: 2014

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