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Tip the mouse

Tip the Mouse, a tiny, whimsical yet funny mouse lives with his family in a small house made of things we have lost, in the tiny corner of a meadow. Here take place all the fascinating adventures that each child ends up facing while walking the extraordinary path to growing up.


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I want my mommy!

Tip is all excited about going to a circus lesson at the gym. He wants to learn how to do a super-fast somersault! But when he realizes that Mom is going to leave him with Jumper, he gets scared and doesn’t want her to go away. Tip finds lots of excuses to make her stay with him. But thanks to Jumper and all the funny things he has planned, Tip is getting so enthusiastic … and has so much fun with all the exercises that neither he nor (Teddy) feels alone at all!

Production year: 2014

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