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Tip the mouse

Tip the Mouse, a tiny, whimsical yet funny mouse lives with his family in a small house made of things we have lost, in the tiny corner of a meadow. Here take place all the fascinating adventures that each child ends up facing while walking the extraordinary path to growing up.


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I'll help you mom

Tip wants to help his Mom who is very busy with her job. She has to bake many cakes for Mr. Paco’s store today. Seeing his mother working on such a big project, Tip announces that he’d like to help. After all, he is an expert maker of mud pies. But it turns out that Tip is not the best help, even if it’s all so well-intended. Soon he will discover that sometimes helping mom means to allow her to work undisturbed, especially when she does something that pups can’t do. But luckily they find something for Tip to do and there he turns out to be a big help to his Mom.

Production year: 2014

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