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Parlovr : Muffin

Parlovr (pronounced Parlour, fyi), is a Montreal trio whose first pop rock album was critically acclaimed by Spin Magazine and the New York Times.

Several years later, to take a break from the many tours that followed the album’s release, Parlovr returns with “Kook Soul”, a record centered on love, and heartbreak especially. Despite the heartrending lyrics, the record is bright and optimistic. In this BRBR Session, Parlovr is in an antique dealer and serenades his “Muffin”. Their music is a mix of rock’n‘roll, pop and retro, amounting to a very modern experience.

Discover Parlovr and their “Muffin” on BRBR!

Réalisateur: Didier Charette

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PARLOVR est un groupe de punk rock montréalais formé de ALEX COOPER, chanteur et claviériste, LOUIS DAVID JACKSON, chanteur et guitariste et JEREMY MCCUISH, batteur. Le groupe joue la chanson «  Muffin » dans un magasin d'antiquités.



(Propos en anglais)



♪ I call you muffin often ♪

♪ Cause i'm your muffin's oven ♪

♪ And here's some oven lovin' ♪

♪ Muffin muffin ♪

♪ Muffin muffin ♪

♪ Muffin muffin ♪

♪ Aaah ♪

♪ I'm your muffin's oven ♪

♪ Cookies ♪

♪ You'd say i'm cookies crazy ♪

♪ Cause you're my cookie baby ♪

♪ Don't crumble into pieces ♪

♪ Cookies cookies cookies ♪

♪ Cookies cookies cookies ♪

♪ Aaaah ♪

♪ I'm your cookies cutter ♪

♪ Muffin muffin muffin ♪

♪ Muffin muffin muffin ♪

♪ Muffin muffin muffin ♪

♪ Muffin muffin muffin ♪


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