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Fuck the Facts ; Loss Upon Loss

Discover the track “Loss Upon Loss” from grindcore Canadian band Fuck the Facts. Their album, “Die Miserable”, was nominated in the first ever “Best Metal Album” category at the 2012 Junos.

The Canadian band strikes hard with this album, one that is dark, brutal and uncompromising. Formed in 1998, the Ottawa band now has a place of choice in Canadian music. The band lives up to its name with its love for wreaking havoc on stage wherever they play, to the great pleasure of their fans. Powerful and brilliantly composed tracks, a solid sound and a varied rhythmic, that’s what Fuck the Facts is all about! Listen to “Loss Upon Loss” on BRBR, the heart of emerging, French-speaking, Canadian music!

Production year: 2012

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FUCK THE FACTS est un groupe de musique grindcore basé à Gatineau. Le groupe est formé de MATT CONNELL, batteur, TIM AUDETTE, guitariste, BRENT CHRISTOFF, chanteur, et TOPON DAS, guitariste. Le groupe interprète la chanson « Loss Upon Loss » dans un studio.



(Propos en anglais)

♪ At that moment

I laid my eyes on her ♪

♪ Captured

in this still portrait ♪

♪ Glooming out of the frame ♪

♪ Glooming ♪

♪ Her frail body

holding the weight

of a war based life journey ♪

♪ And the few lines

next to the image

retracing her path ♪

♪ A few sentences

filled with losses and grief ♪

♪ The burden of her story

my own conception

of misery has

suffered the impact ♪

♪ Has suffered the impact ♪

♪ The weight of my worries

fading with the shame

of owning any thoughts

of self pity ♪

♪ As I walk away

an illusionary

personal experience

reaches its end ♪

♪ We are back to strangers ♪

♪ By the end of my day

♪ this short moment

might get lost ♪

under any abrupt

meaningless worry ♪

♪ She will remain still ♪

♪ I know ♪

♪ Another person

will stop by her ♪

♪ I know I know I know ♪

Fin de la chanson

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