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Loud Lary Ajust : Cypher

The Loud Lary Ajust rap in the hallways of Toronto’s Gladstone hotel for a BRBR session! Discover or replay “Cypher”!

MCs LoudMouth and Lary Kidd speak on crude topics in the band’s usual Frenglish, on music by A-Justice, one of the best producers of his generation.
Formed in 2011, Quebecois rap band Loud Lary Ajust is known for its original use of Frenglish and its references to drugs, debauchery and hedonism. Their song, “Cypher”, is no exception. The trio is the voice of Quebec’s youth, inventing its own rules and codes, both in their lyrics and in their production. They are signed with independent Quebec record label Audiogram.
Their album, “Gullywood” was released for free on the Internet in 2012: a resounding success. Beloved of specialty critics, the press, and Quebec audiences, the album launches the trio to the Montreal FrancoFolies, the Festival de musique émergente in Abitibi and at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival.

Réalisateur: Didier Charette
Production year: 2013

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Début générique ouverture


(Fin générique ouverture)

(LARY KIDD et LOUDMOUTH, les deux chanteurs du groupe rap québécois Loud Ajust, se préparent à rapper dans un corridor d'hôtel.)

[LARY KIDD:] Yo, on s'appelle

Loud Lary Ajust. TFO Money! You


(Ils dansent.)

[LOUDMOUTH:] Turn up!
[LARY KIDD:] Gladston Hotel,


OK j'embrasse le bread

comme j'embrasse ma copine

La coke est soft

Le crack est solide

Mon personnage

fait ça extra large

Tous les jours j'pull up

dans un faster bolide

Dis au revoir à la audemars

Bonjour à la seiko

C'est ça qui arrive quand tu

fuck ta vie boy

Y faut que t'apprennes à let go

And I'm an asshole

and a douchebag

10 doigts mais j'ai 12 bagues

Whip jaune couleur pissenlit

Givenchy sur mon do-rag

I'm a real dude

I do real things

I'mma die young

I'mma kill things

Now real coke and that real purp

Bottom line c'est

juste des ill things

Hein hein

Goddamn where the

fuck am I going

So I go to church

and I pray to God

I'm like cut the bullshits

Je sais qui est mort

Hein hein

Goddamn where the

fuck am I going

J'ai le mossberg dans le

char neuf le cough syrup

dans la Carlsberg

Hein hein

Goddamn where the

fuck am I going

Entre l'eau bénite pis les

grosses business pis les grosses

bitches we're the chosen few

Hein hein hein

Crack match off that freebase

Cause I be Dallas Green

if it wasn't for my G ways

[LOUDMOUTH:] Let's get fucking


St Laurent

Le sol va shaker

dans le Chinatown

Oiseau de nuit all eyes on me

Yeah on pump le bass

quand on ride around

We own the night passe le mot

High off life

and I pop some more

OD on that codeine

Yeah that's cold swim

dans potion mauve

It's going down

Down for real

Fast life centre-ville

Hundred dollar bill

pour le cocktail

Dont la moitié

juste pour s'endormir

Dark times black hennessy

All right ak d'l'exctasy

Une tempête dans un verre d'eau

But that's special delivery

Alright alright

Been living the fast

life all my life hein hein

Faudrait faire marche arrière

Mais sous les flashing lights

c'est dur de rationalize

Hein hein

It's all we know

Fast lane sur une lonely road

Mais c'est jamais over

[LARY KIDD:] Jamais over
[LOUDMOUTH:] Jamais over till we



where the fuck am I going

(Générique de fermeture)

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