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Loud Lary Ajust : Untitled

Loud Lary Ajust is one of those modern rap icons. The trio performs “Untitled” during BRBR’s French Tickler in the 2013 CMW.

Loud Lary Ajust is a talented rap trio, and they’re solidly entrenched in rap’s new-wave current. The band shamelessly draws from new hip-hop waves to distill the best possible rap. Delivering on rich and original rhythms, Loud Lary Ajust was formed in 2011, and the Montreal band has since become known for its direct messages and crude lyrics. The three guys speak on drugs, sex, girls, parties and money, and by mixing those to a dark music and ecstatic and tormented lyrics, Loud Lary Ajust is evocative of disenchanted youth slipping into all the excesses of life.

BRBR presents this excerpt of “Untitled”!

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LOUD LARY AJUST est un groupe de rappeurs originaires de Montréal. Le groupe interprète sur scène sa chanson «  Untitled  » au Canadian Music Week 2013 à Toronto. « Untitled » est une chanson composée en franglais interprétée par LARY et LOUD sur les rythmes d'AJUST.







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