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Islands - Shotgun Vision

Indie rock band Islands performs “Shotgun Vision”. Band Islands follows up “A Sleep and Forgetting” (2012) with “Ski Mask”, an album released on September 17. The album is a search for the self, a definitive moment that will mark the end (or the continuation) the band. Here, they perform “Shotgun Vision” specially for BRBR.

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♪ Shotgun vision ♪

(Le groupe ISLANDS, composé de NICK THORBURN, chanteur et guitariste, d'un claviériste et d'un bassiste, interprète la chanson Shotgun Vision. ISLANDS performe sur une scène sobrement éclairée.)

[NICK THORBURN:] ♪ Ways below

the bell ♪

♪ Made a helpless hole ♪

♪ A helpless little hell ♪

♪ Shotgun vision ♪

♪ Spied your honey hide ♪

♪ Babe I'm on your side ♪

♪ It's a beautiful collision ♪

♪ Shotgun vision ♪

♪ Shotgun vision ♪

♪ Shotgun vision ♪

(Passage musical)

[EN CHOEUR:] ♪ Oh oh oh ♪
[NICK THORBURN:] ♪ Shotgun

vision ♪

[EN CHOEUR:] ♪ Spied you on

the plains ♪

♪ Eating the remains ♪

♪ Of a animal condition ♪

♪ Deep incision ♪

♪ Wise beyond your years ♪

♪ Yet wet behind the ears ♪

♪ You made a bad decision ♪

[NICK THORBURN:] ♪ No shotgun

vision ♪

♪ No shotgun vision ♪

♪ No shotgun vision ♪

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