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Human Human - Orchards

Human Human presents “Orchards”. Quartet Human Human released its first EP somewhere at the turn of 2013. An energetic mix of Anglo-Saxon influences and bouncy rhythms, the mini-album is a good first look at what the four musicians want to make of their upcoming first album. Here they are, performing “Orchards”.

Réalisateur: Aurélien Offner

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Dans un décor minimaliste de studio, HUMAN HUMAN interprète Orchards, une pièce indie rock. Le quatuor est vêtu entièrement de blanc.

[HUMAN HUMAN:] ♪ I'm on a

road that

I walked as a child ♪

♪ I see this school

on the top of a hill ♪

♪ And as I walk I see

the orchards around ♪

♪ I want to steal

an apple again ♪

♪ I just want to run ♪

♪ And I just want to run ♪

♪ Being home it's like

I've never grown up ♪

♪ Am I as foolish

as we used to be here ♪

♪ All the things

that we did on the hill ♪

♪ Will forever float

in the orchards ♪

♪ And I just want to run ♪


♪ Oh and I just want to run ♪

♪ I used to have this feeling ♪

♪ When something is gone

it's gone forever ♪

♪ And all this time gone ♪

♪ All these past years

and I still remember ♪

♪ I gotta say ♪

♪ I am missing my old friends ♪

♪ We got a town ♪

♪ It's never been around

to us ♪


♪ I just want to run ♪

♪ Run ♪

♪ I just want to run ♪

♪ Run ♪

♪ Hoo ♪

♪ I just want to run ♪

♪ Run ♪

♪ Hoo ♪

♪ Run ♪

♪ Hoo ♪

♪ And I just want to run ♪

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