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Pick a Piper : Once Were Leaves

Pick a Piper is a collaborative project between Toronto artists Brad Weber, Angus Fraser and Dan Roberts. Their first album, released in the spring of 2013, is an intriguing and polyrhythmic mix of synthesizes and airy pop form. Here is “Once Were Leaves”, from that LP.

Their music combines electronic sounds and hypnotizing voices, and we love their floaty atmosphere, their sound design and the musical refinement that accentuate the balance between electronic and pop music. Their homonymous album contains eight very different songs that all have one thing in common: they all share brilliant rhythm. You must hear this first album that is sure to delight the ears, so BRBR suggests that you listen to “Once Were Leaves”.

Réalisateur: Aurélien Offner

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BRAD WEBER, batteur, ANGUS FRASER, claviériste et batteur et DAN ROBERTS, claviériste et batteur, sont les membres du groupe PICK A PIPER. PICK A PIPER joue le morceau Once Were Leaves sur une scène éclairée par des néons bleus. La musique est de style électronique et expérimental.

La chanson est instrumentale.


(Une voix féminine chante incompréhensiblement.)

(Une voix féminine chante incompréhensiblement.)

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