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Pawa Up First : Visitors

Meet post-rock instrumental band Pawa Up First in their performance of “Visitors”, released on their 2013 album “Missing Time”.

In this most recent album, the Montreal band doesn’t hesitate to explore new things without compromising its pop-, jazz- and electro-flavoured rock sound. The band is comprised of four core musicians: Serge Nakauchi Pelletier, Mathieu Pontbriand, Sandy Belfort and Joseph Perrault. We bet you can’t resist their excellent music and fully-realized harmonies. Press play to hear “Visitors” on BRBR!

Réalisateur: Didier Charette

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Dans un studio noir, le groupe rock Pawa Up First, composé de SERGE NAKAUCHI PELLETIER, MATHIEU PONTBRIAND, SANDY BELFORT et JOSEPH PERRAULT, interprète Visitor, chanson instrumentale parsemée d'échantillonages vocaux.

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