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Dig it Up : Jeff's Bridges

Since 2009, this hardcore band has made its name in Canada and in the United States with several EPs and vinyl records.

With their first album, “Manners”, they present their brand of party-punk in a dark basement! Raise the volume for “Jeff’s Bridges”! The Dig it Up guys clearly possess a great deal of talent for hardcore, heavy and abrasive punk-rock music. They’re especially great with their lived-in, well-calibrated voice and their catchy vocal melodies. Trach punk-rock fans will agree it’s great on the ears. We certainly claim it: Dig it Up is some good stuff. Their music is measured, well-constructed, audaciously arranged and resolutely catchy.

If you love hardcore, discover band Dig it Up and their excerpt of “Jeff’s Bridges” on BRBR!

Réalisateur: Didier Charette

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Le groupe de musique DIG IT UP interprète la chanson de style punk rock Jeff's Bridges, en anglais, dans une salle où la noirceur est presque totale. Le groupe est composé d'un CHANTEUR, de TROIS GITARISTES et d'un BATTEUR. Les paroles sont hurlées et incompréhensibles.


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