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Pierre Kwenders - Ali Bomaye

On “African Dream”, his most recent EP, Pierre Kwenders artfully mixes hip-hop, dub and Congolese rumba. Here is an excerpt in Lingala.

The Congolese Quebecois artist fell in love with music while participating in a choir. These days, he loves to make audiences dance to happy rhythmics that combine traditional and modern African musics. Having participated to the production of Radio Radio’s album “Hâvre de grâce”, Kwenders officially becomes a singer-songwriter with two EPs: “WHISKY & Tea” (2013) and “African Dream” (2013). Pierre Kwenders is a rising star of Canadian music, one we had the pleasure of seeing on stage at the Montreal FrancoFolies, at the Internationl Pop Festival in Montréal and at the 2014 Festival Nuits d’Afrique. Turn up the volume and prepare to dance along to “Ali Bomaye”.

Réalisateur: Didier Charette

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Dans une pièce claire emplie de plants de papyrus, PIERRE KWENDERS interprète Ali Bomaye, un air chanté en linguila mixant hip-hop et rumba congolaise. SAMITO MADAKWINI l'accompagne à la voix et au clavier.

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