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Mark Berube : Mississippi Prom

With a small prelude adapted from Bob Dylan, Mark Berube performs “Mississippi Prom” from his album “Russian Dolls”.

“Hard rains fell that thunder rolled/I see that cloud’s still here/it’s keeping the shade damp and cold/need a little sun to appear…/I’m frozen in my kitchen chair/the moment’s holding me/it’s 10:15 on the radio/there’s a school in Mississippi…” This inspired Montreal-born singer-songwriter has tried out a little bit of everything in the world of folk-rock. His particular style? Spicy, jazz- and pop-flavoured compositions. From Manitoba to Swaziland, this globetrotter came back to his Quebec roots by settling once more in Montreal, where he joins up with The Patriotic Few. Nowadays, Berube performs solo, with his gentle voice, songs with highly poetic lyrics. His work undoubtedly speaks of his vast musical culture. You still don’t know who we’re talking about? Discover him in this BRBR clip!

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(Le chanteur folk MARK BERUBE est installé dans une pièce avec ses musiciens: un bassiste, un batteur et une joueuse d'autoharpe. MARK BERUBE interprète la chanson Mississippi Prom en s'accompagnant à la guitare, puis aux claviers.)

♪ Oh my name

it means nothin' ♪

♪ My age means less ♪

♪ The land that I come from ♪

♪ It's called the Midwest ♪

♪ I was tought and

brought up there ♪

♪ The laws to abide ♪

♪ And that the land

that I live in ♪

♪ Had God on its side ♪

♪ And the history books

tell it ♪

♪ They tell it so well ♪

♪ The cavalries charged ♪

♪ The Indians fell ♪

♪ The cavalries charged ♪

♪ The Indians died ♪

♪ Oh the country

was young then ♪

♪ With God on its side ♪

♪ Too many dark hour ♪

♪ I've thought about this ♪

♪ And the one that you love ♪

♪ Was betrayed by a kiss ♪

♪ But I can't think for you ♪

♪ You'll have to decide ♪

♪ If the one that you hate ♪

♪ Has God on his side ♪


♪ Hard rains fell ♪

♪ And thunder rolled ♪

♪ I see that cloud's

still here ♪

♪ 'It's keeping the shade

damp and cold ♪

♪ I need a little sun

to appear ♪


♪ I'm frozen

in my kitchen chair ♪

♪ The moment's holding me ♪

♪ It's 10:15 on the radio ♪

♪ There's a school

in Mississippi ♪

♪ Where that strange

old fruit ♪

♪ In the poplar trees ♪

♪ Is still looking ♪

♪ For a grave ♪

♪ Weatherman ♪

♪ Be kind ♪

♪ Weatherman ♪

♪ Be strong ♪

♪ For the Mississippi

prom ♪


♪ Conversations

for bitter tongues ♪

♪ The words those kids

must know ♪

♪ We can eat the fruit

of pesticides ♪

♪ We can watch

the weeds that'll grow ♪

♪ Where that strange

old fruit ♪

♪ In the poplar trees ♪

♪ Still looking ♪

♪ For a grave ♪

♪ Weatherman ♪

♪ Be kind ♪

♪ Weatherman ♪

♪ Be strong ♪

♪ For the Mississippi

prom ♪



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