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D'Harmo : Le reel

Do you know who stands out thanks to musical authenticity? We’ll give you a hint: it’s a band comprised of four of the most talented harmonicists of the Quebec music scene. Can’t guess? Well, it’s D’Harmo, obviously!

The four D’Harmo harmonicists keep on charming audiences with their mix of klezmer, jazz and blues. In this video, they perform “Le Reel”. The Montreal band, comprised of Samuel Caron, Cédric Houdayer, Levy Bourbonnais and Pascal Veillette, travels through music styles, with strong influences from traditional Jewish, classical, jazz or minimalist music, the rag, the minuet, the tango, the waltz and the reel. The quartet uses the whole harmonica family (diatonic, chromatic, bass and orchestral) and boasts an impressive repertoire. Heed BRBR’s suggestion and listen to D’Harmo’s “Le Reel”.

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Le groupe D'HARMO, entièrement composé d'harmonicistes, interprète la pièce instrumentale Le réel dans les studios de BRBR. D'HARMO est composé de SAMUEL CARON, CÉDRIC HOUDAYER, LEVY BOURBONNAIS et PASCAL VEILLETE.


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