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Li'l Andy : While the Engine Burns

Hey, want to discover new Canadian artists? In this video, Montreal countryman Li’l Andy performs the title song of his fourth album, “While the Engine Burns”.

With his guitar and his cowboy hat, Li’l Andy has been roaming the streets of Montreal for over ten years, hawking his highly authentic country Americana roots with a gospel feel. Known for his meaningful lyrics that pay homage to thirties’ gospel, the singer-songwriter was critically acclaimed for his album, “While the Engines Burn”, in 2014.

BRBR suggests that you listen to Li’l Andy’s “While the Engine Burns”!

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Devant un arrière-plan rouge, le chanteur country LI'L ANDY interprète sa chanson country While the Engines Burn en s'accompagnant à la guitare.


♪ There'll be a time ♪

♪ There'll come a day ♪

♪ The silver steering wheel

will slip away ♪

♪ You'll see this sweat and

smoke and coal and steel ♪

♪ That's when you'll learn ♪

♪ What makes the engines burn ♪

♪ The river flows ♪

♪ Between the hills ♪

♪ Down through town

by the sawmill ♪

♪ That big old riverboat

is tugging upstream ♪

♪ And there's a big wheel

on the stern ♪

♪ That makes the engine burn ♪

♪ Diesel humming ♪

gonna pass ♪

♪ Watch the needle climb ♪

♪ Motor chugging

give it some gas ♪

♪ Hear the highway whine ♪

♪ So roll on buddy ♪

♪ And pull your load ♪

♪ Shiny pickup

on the rebel rose ♪

♪ No money down

and zero financing ♪

♪ All that you earn ♪

♪ Is what makes

the engine burn ♪

♪ Gulf of Pembina ♪

♪ On the prairie wild ♪

♪ A price is put

on every head and high ♪

♪ 5000 buffalo skulls

in the moutain heap ♪

♪ Should bring a good return ♪

♪ While the engines burn ♪

♪ While the engines burn ♪

♪ While the engines burn ♪

♪ While the engines burn ♪

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