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Jesse Mac Cormack : Too Far Into

Singer-songwriter Jesse Mac Cormack performs “Too Far Into”, of which we love the blues and suave feel, its guitar notes and the Montreal singer’s warm voice.

Mac Cormack’s work is generally a mix of indie pop, rock and electronic styles, both vigorous and nonchalant, through which he reveals highly personal and deeply felt music. His voice is full of emotion, like an arrow to the heart: his lyrics and music are drawn from personal experiences. His music is honest and minimalist, and simply raw. Discover or rediscover Jesse Mac Cormack and his song “Too Far Into” in this BRBR clip.

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Dans un studio sombre, accompagné de trois musiciens, JESSE MAC CORMACK interprète Too Far Into, un air blues aux accents rock.


forget ♪

♪ We didn't even kiss ♪

♪ We didn't even come close ♪

♪ I want it so bad ♪

♪ Feel my hands ♪

♪ My face is numb ♪

♪ I've got to stay ♪

♪ Can't forget ♪

♪ Can't forget ♪

♪ Maybe it was you ♪

♪ Maybe it was me ♪

♪ Sometimes nails are pushed

way too far into ♪

♪ Let's keep our heads

far from our hearts ♪

♪ Let's love instead

and find a way ♪

♪ Can't

let go ♪

♪ Can't let go ♪

♪ I want it so ♪

♪ I want it ♪

♪ I want it so ♪

♪ I want it ♪

♪ I want it so ♪

♪ I want it ♪

♪ I want it so ♪

♪ We can find a way ♪

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