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Feathership : Buried Shame

Montreal band Feathership performs “Buried Shame”, from their album “Howl”. In 2006, Jean-Philippe Sauvé released “Arrivals and Departures” and was critically acclaimed for it. That same year, the songwriter met producer Vincent Blain, known for his work with Polipe, Navet Confit and L’indice. Over the next couple of years, the two musicians piece together during their downtime the samples that will lead to the band Feathership, with the arrival of Gregory Leclair-Paquet (ex-guitarist of The Stills), Mathieu Vézio (Mille Monarques and L’indice’s drummer) and Étienne Rocheleau (L’indice’s bassist).

Réalisateur: Jean-François Sauvé

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Dans un studio à l'éclairage tamisé et décoré de ballons blancs, le duo FEATHERSHIP, composé de JEAN-PHILIPPE SAUVÉ chanteur, et de VINCENT BLAIN, guitariste-claviériste, accompagnés d'une choriste et d'un batteur-guitariste, interprète la chanson folk Buried Shame.


♪Flee, my friend, go ahead ♪

♪ You’ll be off in a snap ♪

♪ You’ll lay your feet

in cold ocean sap ♪

♪ The coldest ocean sap ♪

♪ You’ve been standing still

for way too many nights ♪

♪ Your mind has bowed

to many different types ♪

♪ To many different types ♪

♪ Bear the open wind ♪

♪ Bear the whistle blows ♪

♪ Bear the open wind ♪

♪ Bear the whistle blows ♪

♪ Friendly calls will awake

you in the lavish halls ♪

♪ You’ll clearly remember

what had been your fall ♪

♪ Oh what had been your fall ♪

♪ Reefs of snow

will await you here ♪

♪ Outside the house,

the one you chose ♪

♪ The one you had to close ♪

♪ The one you had to close ♪

♪ I’m sure you’ll

bring back sun ♪

♪ You’ll sing louder and hum ♪

♪ This song you wrote, the

one on which you choked ♪

♪ This song you wrote ♪

♪ The one on which

you choked ♪

♪ And blink no more,

the light ♪

♪ The light will flood your

shores, your darkened eyes ♪

♪ Your hazy sunrise ♪

♪ Your hazy sunrise ♪

♪ Don’t refrain from trying

the outcome of your game ♪

♪ You’ll soon become ♪

♪ The actor of your fame ♪

♪ The burier

of your shame ♪

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