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Secret Sun : Stay Still

Montreal duo Secret Sun performs “Stay Still”.

“We are glad/We are meek/Minutes pass/Then a week/Through the window/A breeze…/I can make/My mind stay still/When I work/By the sill/Of my window/I hear…/Metal hearts/Clicking heels/Chatterbox/Clacking steel/Former glories…” Comprised of Anne-Marie Campbell and Simon Landry, the pop alternative duo released its first album, “Cold Coast”, in the fall of 2014. Both vibrant and ethereal, their musical world has a unique mood, being comforting and filled with imagery. Each song has something of the sensual, the hypnotizing, the mysterious. Secret Sun revisits pop, adding gentleness and extravagance to the mix, along with soft rock and electronic tones. A new Montreal band to keep an eye on!

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Réalisateur: Jean-François Sauvé

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L'image est teintée de rouge. Dans une pièce feutrée et close, le groupe SECRET SUN, composé de ANNE-MARIE CAMPBELL, chanteuse et claviériste, et SIMON LANDRY, guitariste, interprète la chanson Stay Still. La musique est de style pop alternatif.


are glad ♪

♪ We are meek ♪

♪ Minutes pass ♪

♪ Then a week ♪

♪ Through the window ♪

♪ A breeze ♪

♪ I can make ♪

♪ My mind stay still ♪

♪ When I work ♪

♪ By the sill ♪

♪ Of my window ♪

♪ I hear ♪

♪ Metal hearts ♪

♪ Clicking heels ♪

♪ Chatterbox ♪

♪ Clacking steel ♪

♪ Former

glories ♪

(SIMON LANDRY active un petit synthétiseur et des coups de grosse caisse retentissent et battent la mesure pour accompagner SECRET SUN pendant le passage musical.)

[SECRET SUN:] ♪ I can make ♪

♪ My mind stay still ♪

♪ When I work ♪

♪ By the sill ♪

♪ Of my window ♪

♪ Stay until ♪

♪ The moon is out ♪

♪ Cool your head ♪

♪ Float about ♪

♪ Until morning ♪

♪ I hear ♪


(Passage musical)

(Début générique de fermeture)

(Information à l'écran: "Abonne-toi à BRBR. tfo.org/BRBR")

(Deux petites fenêtres montrent des extraits des vidéoclips de la chanson Paralyzed de HARFANG et de la chanson Balcony de JORDAN KLASSEN.)

(Fin générique de fermeture)

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