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Gay Nineties : Hold Your Fire

Gay Nineties performs “Hold Your Fire” from its first full-length album, “Liberal Guilt”.

Hailing from Vancouver, British-Columbia, the band draws from the best rock and roll from the past several decades. The result? Music that is energetic, detached and languid all at once. “Liberal Guilt”, released in 2015, offers a rich combination of indie pop and classic and glam rock. With a clear musical style and great sensitivity, the band performs explosively! Listen to Gay Nineties and their song, “Hold your fire”, on BRBR!

Réalisateur: Michel Scotta Delorme

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Le groupe Gay Nineties, composé d'un chanteur et guitariste, d'un bassiste, d'un claviériste et d'un percussionniste, joue la chanson Hold Your Fire, en anglais, dans un décor très sombre et illuminé en bleu. La musique est de type hard rock.

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