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PS I Love You : In My Mind At Least

PS I Love You performs “In My Mind At Least”, from their album “For Those Who Stay”, the kind of album that you replay over and over in the car for those long vacation roadtrips, because it’s just that good.

Created in en 2008 by Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson, Canadian duo PS I Love You typically plays pop-flavoured indie rock, offering for our hearing pleasure a melodic and unifying sound reminiscent of the golden age of grunge. Nominated twice for a Polaris prize, their music is so refreshing we never get tired of it. PS I Love You is the story of a talented new Canadian music indie rock duo trying and succeeding at setting itself apart! “In My Mind At Least” contains minimalist but efficient lyrics, so pay close attention!

Réalisateur: Michel Scotta Delorme

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PS I LOVE YOU est un duo de musique indie rock formé de PAUL SAULNIER, chanteur, guitariste et bassiste, et de BENJAMIN NELSON, batteur. Le duo originaire de Kingston interprète sur la scène d'un studio de télévision sa chanson « In My Mind at Least ». [PAUL SAULNIER


(Propos en anglais)


♪ Sorry #{*}{*}#{*}{*}#{*}{*}#{*}{*} girl ♪

♪ About that thing ♪

♪ That I was supposed to do ♪

♪ I'm sorry for that ♪

♪ About that thing ♪

♪ That we were supposed to do ♪


♪ I'm sorry girl ♪

♪ I've always tought ♪

♪ Maybe I could try try ♪

♪ I'm sorry for that ♪



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