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Cold Specks : Living Signs

Cold Specks performs “Living Signs”, from their most recent LP, “Neuroplasticity”. The album features dark, heavy and textured music.

If there are any words to describe the entirety of the work, it’s tempest, nostalgia, cloudy. Cold Specks is the project of singer Al Spx, and her voice is timeless, raw, colorful. In short, the singer’s voice is entirely her own. Released on August 26, 2014, “Neuroplasticity” grew for two years in the artist’s mind before being put into the hands of producer Jim Anderson. Alongside Ben Hillier, Cold Specks recorded in famous Hotel2Tango before completing the process in the Revolution Recordings studios in Toronto. We love her heavy, mature, creative pop.

Press play to listen to “Living Signs” on BRBR! “I was round up like a spring/I wanted nothing more than/To rummage through the past/Oh, I uncovered every concern/You had/I found solid proof of living signs/I did not intend to raise the dead…”

Réalisateur: Aurélien Offner

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COLD SPECKS est une auteure-compositrice-interprète torontoise d'origine somalienne. L'artiste interprète sa chanson « Living signs » sur une scène de studio de télévision. Elle est accompagnée d'un batteur, d'un guitariste, d'un trompettiste et d'un bassiste.



(Propos en anglais)


♪ I was round up

like a spring ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ I wanted nothing more than

to rummage through the past ♪

♪ Oh I uncovered every

concern you had ♪

♪ I found solid proof

of living signs ♪

♪ I did not intend

to raise the dead ♪

♪ Good grief ♪

♪ We waited too long ♪

♪ I held my tongue

while you wasted your breath ♪

♪ And counted all the hours ♪

♪ Laced with guilt ♪

♪ I found solid proof

of living signs ♪

♪ I did not intend

to raise the dead ♪

♪ I did not intend ♪

♪ Ouh ouh ouh ♪

♪ Ouh ♪

♪ I found solid proof

of living signs ♪

♪ I did not intend

to raise the dead ♪

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