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The Muscadettes : Pearl and Oyster

Montreal garage band The Muscadettes performs “Pearl and Oyster”.

Sharing a common passion for music, twins Chantal and Kathleen Ambridge have been close their entire life, giving life to The Muscadettes. The girls present garage rock songs that speak of fun, sensuality, freedom, the sea and the sun; they sometimes tell love stories, with or without a happy ending. The Muscadettes claim strong influences from sixties and American West Coast surf rock, which is completely normal: they were born in California, but they grew up in Montreal’s West Island. No surprise there: their father is American and their mother is from Quebec. The sisters have already performed in several Canadian music festivals and shows: Pop Montreal, M pour Montréal and the Grosse Lanterne festival.

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Réalisateur: Rae Upton

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THE MUSCADETTES est un groupe rock de Montréal. Le groupe est formé des soeurs jumelles CHANTAL AMBRIDGE, guitariste et chanteuse, et KATHLEEN AMBRIDGE, bassiste et chanteuse. Accompagnées par trois musiciens, THE MUSCADETTES interprète la chanson « Pearl & Oyster » en anglais sur une scène sobre.


Allô. On est The Muscadettes.

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