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CAIRO : With You

Toronto band CAIRO performs “With You”, from their latest album, “A History of Reasons”, released in January 20th, 2015.

Is it folk, acoustic rock or orchestral pop? Even the CAIRO band members can’t seem to decide. Their music is ambivalent yet completely solid: in a soft atmosphere, the melodies are both calm and furious. CAIRO simply makes your heart beat. If you feel like listening to new Canadian music, BRBR highly recommends CAIRO and their song, “With You”.

Réalisateur: Rae Upton
Production year: 2014

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CAIRO est un groupe de musique rock folk de Toronto. Le groupe est formé de NATE DANIEL, chanteur, DANTE BERARD, guitariste, CAITLIN GRIEVE, violoniste, et MATT SULLIVAN, batteur. Accompagné par un bassiste, CAIRO interprète la chanson « With You » en anglais sur une scène sobre.


Salut, nous sommes Cairo.

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