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Little Criminals : You Smell Like Lies

Saskatoon band Little Criminals performs “You Smell Like Lies”. If you don’t yet know them and you’re a fan of folk, this could be your moment of musical discovery.

You might even catch yourself pressing on play again and again. We love their inspired, brilliantly arranged musical arrangements. They never take the easy way out. We also love the instrumentation, all of which serves the songs: judiciously coordinated violins and guitars. With this duo, everything is perfectly in place, for a musical combination that is both subtle and excellent! Little Criminals: now there’s some great, undefinable music to make you play it back over and over.

Go on, discover or re-discover “Little Criminals” and their song, “You Smell Like Lies”, on BRBR!

Réalisateur: Melissa Hetu
Production year: 2014

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LITTLE CRIMINALS est un duo folk de Saskatoon en Saskatchewan. Le groupe est formé de AMANDA BESTVATER, violonniste et chanteuse, et TAYLOR LONG-READ, guitariste et chanteuse. Dans un petit studio intime, LITTLE CRIMINALS interprète la chanson « You smell like lies » en anglais.


Salut, nous sommes Little

Criminals. Pour découvrir de la

nouvelles musique, cliquez ici.

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