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Laura Barrett and José Miguel Contreras - You

Toronto musicians Laura Barrett and José Miguel Contreras recently wrote the original soundtrack to Sarah Goodman´s film, Porch Stories, with 13 instrumental pieces mixing Spanish guitar and kalimba. Laura Barrett and José Miguel Contreras perform You, from the Porch Stories album.

Réalisateur: Aurélien Offner
Production year: 2015

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LAURA BARRETT & JOSÉ MIGUEL CONTRERAS, une joueuse de kalimba et un guitariste, sont dans une pièce au décor hétéroclite pour interpréter « You », une chanson en anglais aux accents folk et musique du monde.


Everybody knew ♪

♪ It was you ♪

♪ Everybody knows

I'm dreamin' of ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ Everything is new ♪

♪ All the old stuff too,

because of you ♪

♪ This time I know

it will come true ♪

♪ Ohhh ♪

♪ This time I know,

I know

it will come true ♪

♪ Everything is pink ♪

♪ Let's get in the sink

and drink to you ♪

♪ You,


I know ♪

♪ How I was dreamin' of you ♪

♪ Everybody knows

I was dreamin' of you ♪

♪ Favourite thing to do ♪

♪ Imma close my eyes

and think of you ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ You ♪

♪ You ♪

Think of you ♪

You ♪

You ♪

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