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Aidan Knight - Black Dream

Aidan Knight is a native of Victoria, BC. This singer-songwriter is a force to be reckoned with on the West Coast, and he has lent his talent to acts like The Zolas, Hannah Georgas, Dan Mangan and Karkwa. Aidan Knight performs Black Dream from his latest album Each Other, released in January 2016.

Réalisateur: Gaëlle Legrand
Production year: 2015

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Le groupe AIDAN KNIGHT, composé d’un chanteur/guitariste et d’une pianiste, est dans un local dont les murs sont en briques blanches pour interpréter « Black dream », une chanson en anglais aux accents folk planant.



Darkness comes quickly ♪

♪ Black dream

I can't speak to it ♪

♪ But you hear me talk

to myself again ♪

♪ White noise a waste of time ♪

♪ Never thought that

you would be mine ♪

♪ I do I do love you

in my sleep again ♪


♪ Wake me tell me

angel with no ending ♪

♪ Kiss me and let me ♪

♪ Just the way again ♪


♪ Ah ah ah ah ♪

♪ Ah ah ah ah ♪

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