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Friendly and curious four-year-old Caillou (pronounced KY-YOO) has invisible friends, learns how to play sports and explores nature. Caillou discovers as much fun and wonder as any kid can imagine!


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Caillou`s Sleepover Guest

Leo is spending the night at Caillou´s. Mom, Dad and Caillou provide him with all he needs: a sleeping bag to sleep in and a new toothbrush. Caillou would like all these special treats too but he learns that the guest comes first. Although Caillou gets a bit frustrated by this, he has a change of heart when he sees that Leo misses home a bit. Caillou decides to lend Leo his favorite dinosaur pajamas. The two friends find a perfect solution to make them both happy and have the best sleep-over ever!

Production year: 2003

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