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Gisèle Quenneville, Linda Godin and Daniel Lessard meet exceptional francophones from throughout Canada and beyond. Discover politicians, artists, entrepreneurs and scientists whose extraordinary stories are worth telling.


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Monia Mazigh: International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group

Monia Mazigh has become the quintessential Canadian Muslim woman. She proudly wears the hijab and defends tooth and nail the rights and culture of her Muslim brothers and sisters. It pains her to see that the Canada she encountered in 1991 no longer exists, and that intolerance and islamophobia have set in. She has penned three books, including two novels. Her work of non-fiction, Hope and Despair, deals with the imprisonment and torture her husband Maher Arar, suspected of terrorism, suffered following his arrest and deportation into Syria.

Réalisateur: Charles Pepin
Production year: 2015

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