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Charlie is a curious and affectionate little boy that loves to play games. He was born without arms and has learned to adapt to his daily life. His empathy and sensitivity make him a great companion that the hosts love spending time with!

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I`ll Do It With You: Musicians

Charlie and his friends collaborate in different situations. Josée, Louis, Madame Bonheur and Charlie play music together.

Goal: To teach children to cooperate with others in different situations.

Réalisateur: Francis Lussier
Production year: 2014

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JOSÉE s’éclaircit la voix et se met à jouer du ukulélé. MADAME BONHEUR l’accompagne au tambour. CHARLIE LA MARIONNETTE se met à jouer du maraca, qu’il tient dans sa bouche. LOUIS accompagne le groupe à l’harmonica. Tous se mettent à rire.


Deux, trois, quatre.

Tous se remettent à jouer de la musique en improvisation. Ils rient ensemble.

Fin émission

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