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FLIP presents funny videos, tutorials, game reviews, parodies, music performances and more! Follow PHILIPPE his fellow YouTubers - on our YT channel. To watch our show, tune in to TFO every thursday at 7 pm.

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2017 JUNOS Mashup | Céleste Lévis, Soran Dussaigne & Philippe Lacroix

In honour of the artists nominated in the Francophone Album of the Year category at the upcoming JUNO Awards, Flip calls on none other than Soran Dussaigne, the king of mashups on the Internet, and on our dear friend Céleste Lévis. They team up with Phil to blend together all of 2017´s greatest Francophone hits. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Réalisateur: Martin-Philippe Tremblay
Acteurs: Philippe Lacroix, Céleste Lévis
Production year: 2016

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