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Kioka is a curious and confident little girl, who has a very special way of looking at things! And when she shakes her magical snow globe amazing things happen. Suddenly her room fills with snowflakes and Kioka's in the snow globe - where all her toy friends have come to life! Bursting with imagination, she finds her own unique way to have fun with them as they come across interesting challenges together. Morning exercises with penguins, fishes stuck in ice cubes - every day brings its quest...


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Snowball Man has three pineapples that he is taking to Selly’s house. The penguins see this and think that the pineapples are new visitors because they have similar shapes like they have, except without the big“hair”. Whenever the Penguins go to take a closer look, the pineapples are gone. This is very frustrating to them. Finally they arrive at Selly’s house and see the gang eating pineapples! The penguins finally find out that these are just delicious fruit, and not new visitors.

Production year: 2012

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