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Part-time Siamese twins Mara and Xilo live on Vakarma, a planet whose flora and fauna are like no other in the universe. In this place where nature and music are in perfect harmony, Mara and Xilo get caught up in a whirlwind of exhilarating adventures.


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Robotically Yours

There´s a new robot in Pianoville; Bernardo, the seductive Italian robot has made himself at home at MaXi´s. He appears to be sworn to some sort of robot secret, but that´s all anyone seems to know about that. Although Bernardo is cute and well-mannered, he turns out to be a major pig, eating everything in sight! To find out what Bernardo is after, MaXi travel to the world of dreams to consult with the robot ambassador.

Production year: 2016

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