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Keep abreast of the most pressing issues at Queen's Park and in the francophone communities across Ontario and Canada.

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French Ontario on the Lookout for African Students

The table is set in Whitby-Oshawa. Voters in the suburban Toronto riding are set to choose their new provincial representative on February 11. It is a test for the new Progressive Conservative Leader, Patrick Brown. But it is also a test for the area´s Francophone community, who wants to designate the City of Oshawa under the provisions of Ontario´s French Language Services Act.

Post-secondary institutions that offer French-language programs in the province and in the rest of the country are currently on a mission in Africa. They hope to attract Francophone African students to study on Canadian soil. The colleges and universities participating in the mission see it as a win-win situation, even in the case of students enrolled in less-popular programs.

Production year: 2015

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