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Surprising Street Polls

Do you like street polls? We've gone to meet people in our communities!


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What Is St-Jean-Baptiste Day?

St-Jean-Baptiste Day, on June 24, is a holiday celebrated in Quebec and in all Francophone communities in the Americas. It honours Saint John the Baptist, an important Catholic figure who baptized Jesus in the Jordan River. Introduced to the Americas by French settlers, St-Jean-Baptiste Day became Quebec´s national holiday in 1977. From there, it spread to all Francophone communities in Canada and in the United States. Every year on June 24, great numbers of people celebrate with concerts, cultural events, and block parties.
But many are unaware of the origin and history of the holiday. Microphone in hand, Virginie Charland takes to the streets of Ottawa to investigate.
A Carine Ouellet production.

Production year: 2015

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