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Ballet Dancers: On Your Toes

For ballet dancers, the little satin slipper is an extension of the body.

Alejandra Perez-Gomez and Lise-Marie Jourdain, two dancers of the National Ballet of Canada, as well as Lorna Geddes, their pointe shoe manager and ex star dancer, explain their relationship with pointe shoes, the lovely pink satin shoe.

Ballet and ballerinas create a beautiful, entrancing universe where dancers become idolized creatures as soon as they put on their shoes.
The pointes are with them six to seven hours a day and are their main tool. A shoe so desired in the dreams of little girls wishing to become ballerinas can be both beloved and hated once it occupies most of their days. It is both associated with the magic of performance and with pain.

A story by Chrystelle Maechler and Kalinka St-Pierre.

Production year: 2015

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