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Top 5 BRBR Videos that Created a Buzz

Discover the top 5 of BRBR videos that set the web abuzz!


Video transcript

Bahamas : All The Time

Afie Jurvanen… Does that name sound familiar? Toronto-born Canadian musician…? Still nothing? But you DO know Bahamas, the Juno-award-nominated band for Album of the Year, right? Discover or replay “All the Time” from their album “Bahamas is Afie.”

“All the Time” is a song born of pure rock tradition, a part of the album that won the 2014 Alternative Adult Album award at the Junos, an album where, much like the entire work of Afie Jurvanen, lyrics and melody are always at the forefront. “I’ve been writing songs since my earliest years, even stupid or funny songs, and love songs. I’ll probably keep going long after the end of my career,” said Afie Jurvanen, aka Bahamas.

In “Bahamas is Afie”, his third album, the young Canadian musician does very well for himself as an able and talented English writer and composer, bringing back into one’s headphones high quality English-speaking songs and the rich and warm sounds of guitar reminiscent of a certain Eric Clapton.

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