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Best of Caillou

Caillou is kids' best friend! Two hours of adventures, discoveries and learning with Caillou!


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Caillou Plays Baby

Caillou and Rosie are playing together. Then Mom comes in and tells them to clean up their toys. But Caillou sees Rosie still playing and asks why she’s not cleaning up. Mom tries to get Rosie to clean up and at first she does, but then she starts playing again. Mom explains that she’s still too little, but Caillou won’t have it and decides he’s too little too. He asks for milk in a training cup like Rosie and his sandwich in little pieces and a bib. Then, Caillou and Rosie play baby together until Mom appears and stops them both for a nap! Caillou goes along at first, but then gets up. He tells Mom that he wants to be four again.

Production year: 1997

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