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Maude, Jennifer, Mélanie, Vincent and Sami are starting high school. Together, they try to ease into a foreign world, full of promise but also fraught with worries!

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The B Team

Frank is organizing a coed floor hockey game against Thivierge´s tough kids school, and Vincent signs up as team captain. He wants to get the best players on the team so they can take their nemeses to the cleaner´s. Unfortunately for him, most of his picks already have other plans. Vincent is going to need a solid strategy and a lot of persuasiveness to put together another team to rival Thivierge and his gang. But the clock is ticking: the game is tonight! Meanwhile, the Dead Poitras have an unexpected show coming up, and Sami is asked to fill in for Kevin again. He has to step up to the plate and learn a new, complicated song that the band wants to debut tonight. This is Sami´s chance to prove himself to his idols, but will he have enough time to practice? And with her sights still set on Geoffroy, Mélanie asks him to go to the floor hockey game with her. But since he is more into being in the action than sitting on the bleachers, Mélanie doesn´t think twice and signs up for the team as well. Now she just has to convince Vincent to acknowledge her “mad hockey skills” and pick her for the team.

Réalisateur: Sylvain Roy
Production year: 2015

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