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Maude, Jennifer, Mélanie, Vincent and Sami are starting high school. Together, they try to ease into a foreign world, full of promise but also fraught with worries!

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I´ll Settle for This

As part of an activity for history class, Sami, Jennifer and two teachers put together a play about life in New France. When the two teachers back out, Fatima and Saad step up to play a settler couple. Sami is worried that they´re going to embarrass him in front of his classmates. Things go downhill when Fatima and Saad let their motivation get the best of them and turn the sketch into a full-fledged period piece, to be performed before everyone in the main hall. Meanwhile, Sierra challenges Mélanie to go a whole day without buying anything. Unfortunately for Mélanie, there is a bazaar at the main hall that day, with lots of cool things going for really cheap.

Production year: 2015

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