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Maude, Jennifer, Mélanie, Vincent and Sami are starting high school. Together, they try to ease into a foreign world, full of promise but also fraught with worries!

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Super Proud!

Sierra wants to use the Victoire Desmarais Spirit Day to come out of the closet. To do this, she decides to wear a rainbow pin, certain that people will simply assume that she´s gay. But much to her dismay, she finds out that Mona is giving out rainbow pins to everyone in honour of Spirit Day. So Sierra has to make her coming out more official, and speak personally to her friends—a prospect that doesn´t thrill her. She gets even more bummed out when she sees what a circus the day has become. Suddenly there´s nothing cooler than being gay. Everyone has an announcement to make, a gay uncle to show off, a social justice to defend…

Production year: 2016

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