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Maude, Jennifer, Mélanie, Vincent and Sami are starting high school. Together, they try to ease into a foreign world, full of promise but also fraught with worries!

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The Future is Ours

Tonight is the Victoire Desmarais junior prom! As head of the dance committee, Geoffroy has everything taken care of: he hired a company that offers “total hassle-free prom” services. But he receives an email informing him that the company has gone bankrupt. Fortunately, Vincent takes over the planning and gets the whole gang involved, and thanks to everyone´s efforts, the prom is an astounding success! Meanwhile, Mélanie is bent on a mission: nab six school projectors to improve the lighting in the snack bar and the photography studio. But she gets stuck in the newspaper room, along with Brandon-Lee and Sierra, while an overzealous caretaker takes her time changing a light bulb by the door. And Maude wants to celebrate her departure from the school with a ritual, but the idea isn´t all that popular with anyone else. She finally finds a symbolic and thoughtful option that get everyone´s approval: a photograph signed by her and her friends, stashed away in the Victoire bust, with instructions to come retrieve it in ten years´ time.

Production year: 2016

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