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Tilly and friends

Everybody wants to be Tilly's friend! Step through the front door of The Little Yellow House and enjoy a visual feast of imagination and fun. Tilly is a little girl who lives with her best friends - Hector the playful pig, Tumpty the gentle elephant, Doodle the apple loving crocodile, Tiptoe, the little rabbit who loves to twinkle and Pru the fabulously glamorous chicken. Join Tilly and her five animal friends as they enjoy all the adventures their world has to offer.


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The much too many cake

It´s a rainy day and the friends have to find a good indoors thing to do. Tilly has a good idea – cake baking! And the best bit about it is that everyone can add their favourite ingredient. There are chocolate chips from Tilly, peanuts from Tumpty, Pru´s raisins, Doodle´s apples, Tiptoe´s bananas and mashy moos from Hector – delicious! The only problem is there are just too many tastes to make it tasty and Tilly must find a way to make the much too many cake mixture just a little bit less!

Production year: 2012

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