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Tilly and friends

Everybody wants to be Tilly's friend! Step through the front door of The Little Yellow House and enjoy a visual feast of imagination and fun. Tilly is a little girl who lives with her best friends - Hector the playful pig, Tumpty the gentle elephant, Doodle the apple loving crocodile, Tiptoe, the little rabbit who loves to twinkle and Pru the fabulously glamorous chicken. Join Tilly and her five animal friends as they enjoy all the adventures their world has to offer.


Video transcript

Doodle`s Bitey Bitey Bitey Day

Doodle decided that on this day, he wouldn`t hold back and do nothing but eat, eat, eat. He ate all the apples in the appletree. He ate all the marshmallows in the pot, all the cookies in the boy and even emptied the pot of jam. Doodle has to learn to leave some for the others, or they`ll all starve! When he eats the pancakes Tilly made for the others, it`s the last straw.

Production year: 2012

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