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Twin factor

With 5 clues to help them, two teams of two teens (13 to 15 years old) must find a mystery location in Ontario's most technological race! But they must also complete two most unsual chalenges during their precious time and beware of their two hosts.

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Les jumelles en folie

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Les jumelles en folie is a simple, fun and… addictive game (in the good way) focused on humour, family, intergenerational bonds and friendly competition. Whether through a multi-stage race or a solo game, humour is always there and the twins give a new zest to Les Jumelles en folie, a wacky and exciting quiz games for the whole family! In the image of the show´s new formula, the game is fast paced and often a cause of great mirth. It can be played on any device, whether computer, tablet or smartphone. The young and not-so-young can put their general knowledge, their cunning and their trivia to the test, but those who watch the twins in their show will probably have a bit of a head start…

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