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JF Robitaille : Saint Catherine

JF Robitaille nous interprète « Saint Catherine ».

Le montréalais JF Robitaille mets ses talents de raconteur à l’avant avec son 3e album intitulé « Rival Hearts » qui est sorti à l’automne dernier. Lors de son passage à Toronto, il nous a interprété une version acoustique de sa chanson « Saint Catherine ».

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JF ROBITAILLE est dans un parc, assis sur un banc. Il interprète sa chanson Saint Catherine, chanson de style folk-rock. Il s'accompagne à la guitare acoustique.


♪ Cathy came down

to this city surrounded ♪

♪ With her heart full

and empty handed ♪

♪ Her dreams were like

dead men's partly promised ♪

♪ She was hollowed

by strangers ♪

♪ More than she could

speak through ♪

♪ Named for the Saint

or one of these streets ♪

♪ She was too perfect ♪

♪ She was breathing whispers ♪

♪ All the failures

they couldn't resist her ♪

♪ Their futures

partly promised ♪

♪ To the heartsick boys

and the hard luck girls ♪

♪ So she’s cracking spines

and tearing out pages ♪

♪ Finding the passages

this life predicted ♪

♪ About a boy

who knew nothing ♪

♪ And a girl

almost traceless ♪

♪ And an air

sick with secrets ♪

♪ And a faith

that gets wasted ♪

♪ On the heartsick boys

and the hard luck girls ♪

♪ She's made her choices ♪

♪ Yes she has her reasons ♪

♪ She gets to digging ♪

♪ She's buried legions ♪

♪ She lets her kindness ♪

♪ Do the killing ♪

♪ Most go softly ♪

♪ Most are willing ♪

♪ All the pebbles and stones

deep in her pockets ♪

♪ Their buried moans are

still haunting these halls ♪

♪ It's a long walk

from the front door ♪

♪ To her bedroom ♪

♪ And they always want more ♪

♪ Is it wicked

to ask for so much ♪

♪ Is it worth it

she'd say "I think so" ♪

♪ For the heartsick boys

and the heart luck girls ♪

♪ For the heartsick boys

and and the heart luck girls ♪

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