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Shad : Remember to Remember

Le rappeur Shad a sorti son quatrième album, « Flying Colours », à l’automne 2013. Un album qui célèbre les différences, la famille et ceux qui ont battu les sentiers avant nous. Il nous interprète « Remember to Remember ».

« Yeah, I forget so often, God, no wonder I feel lost/When I forget where I came from/Or how I got past. Now we ain’t young/Can’t play dumb. The fun and games is done/Man, it’s a strange one/Reverend what you say, Run/Walk this Way…» Originaire du Kenya, Shadrach Kabango, de son vrai nom, a grandi à London, en Ontario. C’est aussi là qu’il a commencé sa carrière musicale.Son album « Flying Colours » est un franc succès. Mais c’‘est surtout son deuxième album, « The Old Prince », qui lui vaut sa renommée. Grâce à ce disque, il a reçu plusieurs nominations aux Juno et a remporté le prix de l’album rap de l’année en 2011, pour TSOL. En mars 2015, le rappeur a été nommé comme le nouvel animateur de l’un des programmes radio de la CBC. BRBR vous propose d’écouter la pièce « Remember to Remember »!

Déterminer le comportement de la visionnneuse vidéo:


Dans une pièce blanche à l'éclairage violet et rouge et au sol jonché de guirlandes lumineuses, SHAD interprète Remember to remember, une chanson hip hop, accompagnée de deux joueurs de synthétiseur.

[SHAD:] Yeah


I forget so often God

no wonder I feel lost

When I forget

where I came from

Or how I got past

Now we ain't young

Can't play dumb

The fun and games is done

Man it's a strange one

Reverend what you say run

Walk this Way

By the light of the same sun

That's in the sky

where's the rain's from

But the clouds make it

hard to see him

He's in my brother

I discovered that it's not

that hard to be him

I just lose him in the PM

thinking if I'd had a BM

I could hang with Mona Lisas

like a piece in a museum


Human beings deep inside

we decide if we free men

Remember to remember


Remember to remember

Voix de femme mixée

♪ I mean it now ♪

[SHAD:] Remember to remember
[Voix mixée:] ♪ In the now ♪
[SHAD:] Remember to remember
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I see you now ♪
[SHAD:] You may have

to forgive him forever

Everyday they say life can

make you bitter or better

I say hey sacred or not

it's all that we got

Love is what it is or

maybe not what you thought

Woke up one morning started

talking to pops

He said there's lot that

you've learned but a lot

you forgot

More often than not then you

don't got to be taught

Just remember to remember

how you got to the spot

that's hot

I'm happy and healthy

and dreaming and dying

I'm loving and lonely

and tired of trying

I'm fallen and faded

and failing with flying

Colours fumbling

forward facing the sky

My aim's to entertain

and inspire

Walk through the rain

and the fire

Pay bills keep sane

and retire from the game

with a name that's admired

Seeing the stars

and aiming higher

Remember to

[Voix mixée:] ♪ In the now

I see it now ♪

[SHAD:] Remember to remember
[Voix mixée:] ♪ In the now

I mean it now ♪

♪ In the now ♪

[SHAD:] Remember to remember
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I feel it now ♪
[SHAD:] Remember to remember
[Voix mixée:] ♪ In the now ♪
[SHAD:] We break it down

like this

[Voix mixée:] ♪ I mean it now ♪
[SHAD:] Now I ain't ever really

been one for image and trying

to fool the public

with some stunts

and gimmicks

Guys gravitate to blunts

and Guinness

To get the courage to fight

the urge in 'em not

to succumb to timidness

And this world is fully

overrun with mimics

With a penchant for

overexposing guns and women

Few deals funds is limited

Folks front to get

in the game

That ain't kind

Everyone's a critic

But this ain't a race to win

it's a run to finish

And as long as I got breath

in my lungs to end it

The enemy isn't the flesh

and blood thugs and cynics

We fighting fear and pride

for the love within us


[Voix mixée:] ♪ In the now ♪
[SHAD:] Remember to remember
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I see you now ♪
[SHAD:] Remember to remember
[Voix mixée:] ♪ In the now ♪
[SHAD:] Remember to remember
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I feel it now ♪
[SHAD:] Yeah
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I feel it now ♪
[SHAD:] Yeah
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I feel it now ♪
[SHAD:] Yeah
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I feel it ♪
[SHAD:] Yeah

Remember to remember

Remember to remember

Remember to remember


Bring down like

This one last time


[Voix mixée:] ♪ In the now ♪
[SHAD:] ♪ In the now ♪
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I see it now ♪
[SHAD:] ♪ I see it now ♪
[Voix mixée:] ♪ In the now ♪
[SHAD:] Yeah
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I feel it now ♪
[SHAD:] Uh
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I feel it now ♪
[SHAD:] Remember to remember
[Voix mixée:] ♪ I feel it now ♪
[SHAD:] Remember to remember

Voix mixée

♪ I feel it now ♪

We go one last time

like this

Check it out

The poor struggle with needs

And the rich struggle

with greed

This camel struggle

to squeeze through

the eye of a needle

Some eyes struggle to see

But we all struggle

for freedom

Instead of freeing

each other

By letting ourselves be

Yeah and it never ends

We only feel better

When we feel like

we're better than

Clever men and our violence

Silence is when

we shoot from the lip

Too quiet then we talk

non-violence and stay silent

when it suits

Really it's all violence

at the root

The same James Wilkes

in the booth

But tyrants aren't tyrants

in the group

Who started the shooting?

Who knows?

We were all just born

inside of this truth

Taught to shoot as youth

Taught as just

humans being human

But the truth is the

Truth is bulletproof

Remember to remember

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